Flickr Offers 1TB Of Free Space For Your Photos

Flickr Offers 1TB Of Free Space For Your Photos

Yahoo!, in an attempt to make its photo-hosting service Flickr relevant again, has decided to offer 1TB of free space to all users. The downside? Everyone who doesn’t pay $US50 per year gets ads.

An entire terabyte of space is a generous gift to users who still care about storing lots of high-resolution photos. (For the record, I’m one of them, but most people like posting low-resolution images to Instagram nowadays.) Nevertheless, users who paid for Flickr Pro accounts aren’t pleased because the previous paid service offering didn’t have a storage limit. Now Flickr’s new “Ad Free” tier costs an extra $US50 per year and gives its paid users less space. While 1TB seems like more than most anyone could need for their photo collection, Flickr also decided to offer a “doublr” tier that provides an extra terabyte of space for a whopping $US500 per year.

While it’s hard to argue against the free space Flickr now offers its users, as the photo sharing service lost its momentum shortly after Yahoo! acquired it (and slowed development to a crawl), we’re saddened to see the users who paid to support Flickr over the years get the short straw. Even so, the disenfranchised won’t find a better deal from Flickr’s rivals.

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