Dropbox Updated With Auto Photo Uploading And Up To 3GB Of Free Space

The desktop Dropbox client has been updated with the ability to automatically upload photos from SD cards and smartphones directly to Dropbox. When you do so, you'll get a free 500MB of space and if you continue to upload pictures you can get up to 3GB of additional space.

When you put in a SD card or connect a smartphone, Dropbox will ask you if you want to import the photos directly to your Dropbox folder. If you're using another photo import program like iPhoto it will block the program from opening and do its own thing. The same goes for if you connect a smartphone with a camera. Uploading a single picture this way will get you an additional 500MB of space. Then, every additional 500MB you upload will net you another 500MB of space up to a total of 3GB of extra space. Not a bad deal for an already cool feature. You can download the new version from the link below.

You photos, simplified [The Dropbox Blog]


    Umm...this new is either a couple months old, or Dropbox are giving away MORE free space?

    Will it work if you've already gotten the 4/5gb from the first time you did it?

      The old one was a beta version, and they were giving away 5 GB for testing it. This is the stable release.

      And no, unfortunately it doesn't stack :(

    On the Android Dropbox app it's automatically upload photos for ages. Every time you take a photo (or screenshot) it uploads. When you enable the feature it gives you the option to upload all photos already on your device.

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