Dropbox Adds Automatic Camera Uploads To iOS, Gives Away 3GB Of Free Space

iOS: Dropbox has updated its iOS app to include automatic photo-uploading, a new gallery view, and the opportunity to get more free space by uploading photos and videos.

Dropbox for Android has had this feature for awhile, and finally iOS users get to join in on the fun. Not only will Dropbox automatically upload new photos and videos every time you open it up, but it'll also give you up to 3GB of free storage if you upload 3GB of photos and videos. It also has a new gallery view (perfect for viewing said photos), as well as the ability to move and delete multiple files at once. Hit the link to download the new app, or just open up the App Store and check for updates.

Dropbox for iOS [iTunes App store via The Verge]


    Awesome I have been after something like this for ages... I didn't want to store them on Apples Cloud as I already use Dropbox this is perfect!
    Thanks for the heads up Lifehacker!

    Any word if the 3GB is in addition to the extra GBs you got if you participated in the automatic uploading beta of the desktop program?

      If you got additional GB from desktop program, then you don't get this one on top.


        If you participated in the beta you get a maximum of 5GB free from photo uploads instead of the standard 3GB.

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