My Job Chart Organises Kids' Chores And Teaches Them About Money

Web/Android/iOS: My Job Chart takes the idea of teaching kids the value of money with a job board, digitises it, and imparts the concepts of sharing and saving. It's free and cross-platform for added convenience.

It's easy to set up. Sign up for an account, add your kids to it, and then choose from a list of chores to assign to them, along with a deadline (recurring or one-time). For each chore or job, you also need to set points that your kid earns upon completion.

These points are the "currency system" that My Job Chart hopes will teach children more about money. Children are free to save, spend or share the points they earn. The app encourages you to talk to your children about the benefits of saving, sharing and spending, and letting them then make a decision about what they want to do with their earned points.

Finally, there is a message board to help you and your family members communicate with each other so that everyone is on track with their chores and rewards.

My Job Chart [via Moneyning] My Job Chart (free) [iTunes App Store] My Job Chart (free) [Google Play Store]


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