Briefly: Game Of Thrones Hipsters, EnergyAustralia Fined $1.2M, Get 10% Off Google Play Cards

Briefly: Game Of Thrones Hipsters, EnergyAustralia Fined $1.2M, Get 10% Off Google Play Cards

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: EnergyAustralia slugged $1.2 million for unlawful sales tactics, 10% off Google Play cards, Game Of Thrones characters re-imagined as 1980s movie characters.

  • EnergyAustralia has been ordered to pay $1.2 million by the Federal Court for engaging in unlawful door-to-door selling practices. The company was found to have made false and misleading representations and engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct while calling on consumers at their homes. Read the full report here.
  • Mike Wrobel is a supremely talented graphic artist who specialises in pop culture mash-ups. Here are 21 awesome GoT character portraits inspired by ’80s and ’90s cinema. The white walker is priceless.
  • The NSW Government is looking to halve taxi credit card surcharges, under radical new reforms. The proposed legislation seeks to cap the maximum card surcharge for paying for a taxi at five per cent. [SMH]
  • Thinking about having kids? This video, which strings together a dad’s Saturday morning for three months straight, might cause you to strongly reconsider.
  • From tomorrow, Woolworths will be offering 10 per cent off Google Play gift cards. The deal is valid with $20, $30 and $50 varieties.


  • Hurrah! I lodged a complaint against Energy Australia when the sales guys at my door (wearing name tags which said Sales Representatives) claimed that they were not there to sell me anything, and just needed to see my meter and a recent bill to check that I was getting the best rates, etc etc.
    The ‘lead’ guy was quite put out when I told him I thought it was time for him to leave, and when he objected told him it was time to leave immediately. Then off to the phone to EA and ACCC.
    I hope he lost his job. (seriously).

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