Want To Poach A Programmer? Avoid LinkedIn

When developer skills are scarce, trying to poach someone from a rival is an obvious tactic to consider. But if you’re going to do that, avoid approaching them via LinkedIn.

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A survey of 1400 software engineers by Glassdoor identified some common tricks used to lure programmers to new roles. One in particular caught our attention: don’t reach out via LinkedIn, because too many recruiters are already trying that. As one engineer told the survey:

I cancelled my LinkedIn account because I was getting bombarded by recruiters. Now they have to find me through my blog, GitHub or StackOverflow accounts. Those recruiters that reach me now are more worth my time

We’ve recently noted the importance of using GitHub to highlight your skills, and this provides yet another reason to do that. Hit the full writeup of the survey on Business Insider for more programmer recruitment tactics.

4 Tricks Tech Companies Use To Poach Software Programmers [Business Insider]

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