Join Skill-Based Groups On LinkedIn To Attract Job Recruiters

Join Skill-Based Groups On LinkedIn To Attract Job Recruiters

Whether unemployed or just unsatisfied with your current job, a recruiter can help you get a better one. How do you find them? According to US News, joining relevant skill-based groups on LinkedIn can help.

Recruiters join industry and skill-based LinkedIn Groups, and carefully follow their Discussions. [Veteran recruiter Mary] Truslow uses this tactic to observe quietly what leaders are talking about, and who else contributes to the discussion. This way she can see easily who really has the combination of knowledge and the communications skills that everyone claims to possess.

You can’t just join and lurk, of course. If you want recruiters to notice you, make intelligent and helpful contributions to the group. While it might not help overnight, you increase your chances of getting noticed. When you want a new job, it can’t hurt.

6 Ways Recruiters Use LinkedIn to Headhunt [US News]


  • Ill be taking myself OFF those groups then. Recruiters are blood sucking parasites that make a living out of spamming and harassing people. I’ve been on both sides, as an employer, after posting a job ad getting calls daily from people who have no clue how to select the skills I need, and on the other end getting spammed with job offers only marginally related to my skills. “Recruiters are bad” I guess would be the summary of this comment…

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