The Best Raspberry Pi Accessories

The Best Raspberry Pi Accessories

The Raspberry Pi is a fantastic device and the fact that it’s open source means that all kinds of great accessories exist for it. These are some of the best Raspberry Pi accessories for your DIY projects.

Photo by Sergio77 and Magliyve

We’ve talked about the Raspberry Pi a lot because it’s so easy for everyone to use. Since its initial launch, heaps of accessories have come out for it. Some of these add basic functionality like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi; others incorporate crazy features such as a camera. These are some of our favourites.

The PiTFT Mini Kit

Raspberry Pi Camera Board Module

time-lapse photographyhome surveillance

Adafruit Prototyping Pi Plate Kit

Mini Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Touchpad

Know of a good Raspberry Pi accessory? Tell us about it in the comments.


  • An extra bit of hardware I’ve recently attached and fallen in love with, is the Pi Crust by Ninja Blocks ( This lets you hook up 433mhz stuff to your Raspberry Pi (e.g. motion and door sensors, temperature sensors and even doorbells) and with the Ninja Blocks software / dashboard, you can do home automation for under $100.

    I’ve got mine set to turn on the front light when I open the front door at night, email me when someone rings the doorbell and turn on my house lights when I press a (433mhz) button. I’ve also hooked up a webcam to it (and planning to add an IP camera too) so I can keep an eye on the house when nobody is there.

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