Study More Effectively With Scientifically-Tested Techniques

Study More Effectively With Scientifically-Tested Techniques

Heading back to university and want to make your study habits more efficient? Adopt these scientifically-proven techniques.

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Let’s be clear here: while these techniques have all been tested in research studies, they’re not a substitute for the basics of good study: being organised, working to a schedule, and keeping yourself fit and well-rested. With those basics in place, these additional tricks can give you an edge, but they won’t make up for a semester of neglect and alcohol.

Study Before Bedtime

A 2012 study found that people asked to memorise a list at 9pm did better at recalling disconnected items the next day than people given the same information at 9am. The lesson here? While study before bedtime won’t always be effective, it can be helpful if you’re exploring an entirely new subject area. Picture: mrehan

Drink (The Right Amount Of) Coffee

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Learn An Unrelated New Skill

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Use Sounds For Reinforcement

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Make Sure Your Posture Is Good

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