Multitasking For Android Adds Handy Tools In Customisable Windows

The simply named "Multitasking" app doesn't quite replicate the typical desktop experience, but it does get you one step closer by providing commonly-used tools, such as a calculator and file explorer, in windowed form, so they can be dragged around, stacked or positioned side-by-side.

There's not much screen real estate on a smartphone to use the app to its fullest, but on tablets — and other large-screen devices running Android — it should make your experience similar to that of a regular desktop system. With a browser, map and weather tool available, among others, it should cover the more popular needs of most users.

Multitasking comes in two versions, free and "pro", with the latter currently on sale for $2.30, which is 50 per cent off its usual price.

Multitasking and Multitasking Pro [Google Play, AddictiveTips]


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