Multitasking Adds A Suite Of Floating Resizable Apps To Android

Multitasking Adds a Suite of Floating, Resizable Apps to Android

Android: Floating apps are one of the coolest features on Android tablets, allowing you to use all that extra screen real estate. Multitasking for Android offers a whole suite of them in a single package.

The app runs in the background with an always-available sidebar you can slide out from the left side of your display. It comes with a collection of mini-apps that all float including a calculator, calendar, notepad, browser, map, voice recorder and a bunch more.

Multitasking [Google Play Store via Addictive Tips]

Multitasking Pro [Google Play Store]


    So you can only use their apps to multi-task with? Similar to how Samsung only has a few "enabled" apps for multi-windowing?

      Except Samsungs multiwindow is open to any developer to use if they wish, problem is few developers do or know how to properly (Mozilla for instance had problems with firefox in multiwindow mode, and hasn't re-enabled it yet).

      Examples of non-samsung/google apps I have that are multiwindow capable are MX Player, Unit Converter, News+, Inoreader, OfficeSuite and 360 Security

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