Likeastore Collects All Your Social Likes And Favourites In One Place

Likeastore Collects All Your Social Likes and Favourites in One Place

Web: You hit "Like" on Facebook, you favourite tweets, you hit that heart icon on Instagram, you star items on Pocket. Instead of having them all scattered across the web, Likeastore brings them all iton one place.

The webapp just works. Hook it up to the social network you want and it will get your favourites from there. Currently, Likeastore supports Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, Dribbble, Behance, Github, Gist, Stack Overflow, Pocket and Tumblr — Pinterest is conspicuously missing so far.

The best part about Likeastore is that you can create collections, adding favourites from different networks and browsing everything about that topic. The "inbox" notifies you of new favourites from the last time you joined, while "Discover" helps you see links people you know may have shared.

But even without connecting to other users on Likeastore, it's still a brilliant app if you use multiple web services.

Likeastore [via Ashish Bogawat]


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