Google Relaunches Its News Archive With Hundreds Of Old Newspapers

Google Relaunches Its News Archive With Hundreds Of Old Newspapers

Ever need to track down an old newspaper clipping? Until recently, you’d have to head into the library’s microfiche section and dig through boxes of film. Now, it’s potentially as easy as heading over to Google’s recently relaunched and easier-to-search news archive.

On the main news archive page you’ll find hundreds of newspapers organised by title. You can search within the paper, look through other news sources, or just check out issues from specific dates.

There’s no evident Australian newspapers on the site: for that, you’re better off heading to the National Library’s excellent Trove archive.

Google News Archives [via Yoni Appelbaum]


  • The Age is there up till 1989. You’re forgiven for not noticing – Google apparently don’t believe knowing the country or city of publication is necessary.

  • This is one of sadly many examples of Google being leaderless/brainless. They are now a big BIG corporation with the mindset of *too big to fail* which is too big to exist.

    Capitalism the game has already been won from the corporate pirate era of the 80s/90s and now they are reaping the results and we must pay for their deeds.

    This is actually a taste of socialism where there is no choice everybody is equal but poor.

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