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Hi Lifehacker, Where I live, local newspapers are delivered by people in cars or vans who throw them on the driveway. Their aim is often terrible and if it rains the papers turn to mush. Sometimes I come home and there are three or four on my driveway, lawn or jammed in the bushes. A nearby townhouse ends up with a small mountain of papers!


iOS: PressReader is a Newsstand-like app that opts for a more traditional style of news presentation, with a twist. You can read any one of the app's selection of newspapers in a traditional layout, augment the page with highlight of headlines and other important info, or read articles in the stripped-down SmartFlow view.


Lifehacker readers don't seem too fussed about newspapers, but if you do fancy reading an actual physical paper, the Crikey Newspaper tracker -- listing locations where papers are either given away or offered for free with an admission ticket to a museum or other attraction -- could be a useful resource. It's crowdsourced, so you can add your nearest school/cafe/dodgy newsagent drop-off point to the list.


Real Simple magazine has an old but good step-by-step guide to folding an unwieldy broadsheet newspaper for easy reading on the go. It's really just a matter of a few well placed folds, but if you don't already have a good folding strategy, this post is a great starting point. On the other hand, if you're a newspaper-folding pro and your methods differ from Real Simple's guide, let's hear all about how you make it work in the comments. How to Fold a Broadsheet Newspaper