Go Home Cloud Computing, You're Drunk

If cloud computing was an alcoholic drink, which one would it be? We asked five technology business leaders. This is what they said.

Beer picture from Shutterstock

"It would have to be beer, because everybody drinks it."

- Steve Shelley, vice president modular solutions Asia Pacific, Emerson Network Power

"Rocket Fuel — because we're not quite sure what's in it."

- Anastasios Mangos, chief technology officer, NEC

"Vodka, because it doesn't put on any weight."

- Ian Raper, regional vice president Australia and New Zealand, Riverbed Technology

"It would be every alcoholic beverage known to man because the term itself means everything."

- Duncan Bennet, vice president and managing director ANZ, VMWare

"It's clearly a rusty nail. It's that first smooth bit of Drambuie, but every now and then there's a bite of scotch underneath."

- David Hanrahan, general manager cloud services, Dimension Data

All possible options the next time you need to liven up a cloud computing presentation.


    I love Duncan's comment, because people call everything the cloud. As an IT guru, I've seen it used to describe stuff like Dropbox (online file storage), AWS (distributed computing) and even a database of regular stuff (e.g. my CMS has a database, so therefore my posts are stored in the cloud, apparently)

      lol, also the term "IT Guru" essentially means you can turn it on and off again. Anything else is more specialised than "IT".

    Maybe it's a Shirley Temple. Sweet and tempting, but no actual alcohol.

    Fresh grapes; most providers are not there yet.

    clearly its light beer, tastes bad, doesnt get you drunk, and you wonder why anyone would drink it anyway

    Last edited 17/02/14 5:48 pm

      I would have to disagree.

      Some small businesses that wouldn't have the resources to have their own systems like much larger organisations are now able to take advantage of cloud services. Take Office 365 and Google Docs for example, it has given small businesses the opportunity to take their work on the go in ways that they weren't able to before.

      This is coming from someone whose work has transitioned to the cloud

    Mickey Finn.

    You are not aware until it's too late and you are under that this drink had a drug slipped into it to knock you out and steal your stuff.

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