Getflix Is A Fast, Affordable Gateway To Geo-Blocked Movies And TV Shows

Online region-blocking is a primitive annoyance that attempts to restrict Aussies from accessing overseas content — even if you’re willing to pay for it. Thankfully, it’s not too difficult to circumvent. One of the latest outfits to offer a sneaky backdoor pass is Getflix; an Australian-run service with its own DNS servers. It’s one of the fastest solutions available and also surprisingly cheap, with prices starting at just $2.45 per month.

If you’re familiar with Unblock-US you’ll have a good idea of how GetFlix works — it uses virtual private network (VPN) to ‘trick’ Netflix and other geo-blocked services into thinking you’re streaming from the US.

“Getflix allows users from Australia and New Zealand to easily access Netflix and Hulu Plus, both of which are currently blocked,” explains the Getflix website.

“Only a small number of connections to Netflix and Hulu Plus get re-routed via our servers. The actual video is streamed from Netflix or Hulu Plus directly to you so Getflix is much faster and more reliable than an alternative VPN or tunnel solution.”

The chief advantage of GetFlix other than speed and reliability is the cost — at $2.95 per month, it’s easily one of the cheapest VPN tunnel-through services available. By contrast, Unblock-US’s pricing starts at $US4.99 per month. You can also sign up for a free 14-day trial without giving up any financial details.

Users who ‘like’ Getflix’s Facebook page will get an additional 17 per cent off, which brings the total to just $2.45 per month. The discount will last indefinitely or until you cancel your subscription. For more information about Getflix, check out the video below:

So is all this legal? The laws surrounding geo-blocking are complex and ill-defined, but there’s no denying that the practice is frowned upon. On the other hand, you’re still paying for the content you access on Netflix and the like, which has got to be better than illegally pirating movies. The usual caveats about using at your own risk apply (but we wouldn’t be too worried).

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