Do You Use A Shredder?

Do You Use A Shredder?

Shredders offer peace of mind in a world of burgeoning identify theft. But with so many documents supplied in digital form these days, the question arises: are shredders still a vital tool? Do you use one?

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For years I used my shredder pretty much daily. Then it became more of a weekly or monthly thing, and then recently my shredder broke. It’s been nearly a month and I still haven’t replaced it. I imagine I will at some point, but it’s made me wonder how much I really still need one.

We’ve talked about what documents you should shred and keep. But we’re wondering:

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  • I shred any document that includes my name, or any other personal detail, and then use the shredded paper in my compost bin. The only problem is that as I get more and more bills/letters by e-mail I don’t have enough paper for my compost.
    Why is technology ruining our lives?

  • I certainly use mine less than I used to as I use electronic versons of things wherever possible but still at least once a week. There are still plenty of organisations that only deal in paper or have some silly legal obligation to use paper for some things (e.g. my credit union offers statements electronically for everything but one type of account) and I do a fair amount of online shopping for physical goods which always ends up in a physical invoice or receipt being included with the items. I also use it for every day receipts when I’ve used a redit or debit card (e.g. grocery shopping) even though I know I probably don’t need to with those.

  • Less and less paper in my life these days, but anything with my details is shredded after it’s usefulness has ended and/or it’s been scanned and archived to my encrypted vault. mainly I use the orange-security-shred-bin at work because it’s heavily underutilised but if that were not available I’d probably acquire my own. At my previous place there was a wood-fire-heater so I used to simply burn it..

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