Sharpen A Paper Shredder With Aluminium Foil

If your paper shredder has gotten a little dull, try this quick and inexpensive fix: run a couple of sheets of aluminium foil through.

eHow writes that using regular kitchen foil might give dull blades some of their edge back, but not if the blades are so far gone they're no longer shredding. Worth a try, though, and something you can do every few weeks as upkeep to keep your shredder sharp. If you've got dull scissors too, go ahead and cut some more aluminium foil to keep them sharp.

How to Sharpen a Paper Shredder [eHow]


    .... do you cut foil with a knife when you want it sharper - no.

    It will most certainly blunten it and diminish its life span. Not to mention how much damage a tangled pieve of foil would do.

    Anybody who thinks THIS is going to benifit your shredder is an absolute fool! Theres a reason shredders prefer you remove staples.

      Staples != thin metal foil. Instead of scoffing at an article and bashing a self-important post, perhaps you should think first. Better yet, read Darkkt's post.

    There is a significant difference between a knife cutting action (where sharpness is essential to carve into or 'split' the item you are cutting) and a shredder's cutting action (which, like scissors works on 'shearing' an item by pressing it against two flat surfaces, and causing it to tear at the point of contact).

    By shredding a 'tough' item like foil, I expect the shearing action would flatten out bumps and irregularities in the flat surfaces of the cutting blades, creating a new, 'sharper' blade.

    Of course, I didnt write this tip, and have never tried it - but I can see the baiss on which it would work.

    MY sister uses sandpaper to sharpen here scissors she use's about 120 grip paper and it does a fantastic job

    This is baloney. Anyone out there that believes this, be my guest, start shredding aluminium foil. Good luck with that.

    Hi Melanie,
    While we're very pleased to see that you are using a Fellowes shredder, we don't recommend shredding aluminum foil to sharpen the cutting blades on any of our shredders. We have tested this theory in the past and found that there is no significant evidence that shredding aluminum foil will sharpen the cutting blades.

    The best ways to ensure that your Fellowes shredder lasts a long time are to follow these guidelines:
    - Make sure you choose the shredder that fits your needs. Our packaging, manuals, web copy and catalog copy explain what each of our shredders is capable of shredding and for how long they will continuously shred.
    •We state the number of sheets of paper that can be shredded in a single pass. In addition, we also include a list of the other materials that can be shredded. Depending on the model, this includes staples, paper clips, CDs, DVDs, credit cards and junk mail.
    •Shredding materials outside of what is stated in our product manuals will void the product warranty and could cause the shredder to stop working.
    •We have tools on our website that will help consumers choose the right shredder based on needs.

    - Basic product maintenance is essential to a long-lasting shredder. Cross-cut and micro-cut shredders should be oiled with Fellowes Shredder Oil each time the shred bin is emptied.

    Feel free to check out to see our new models and innovative technologies.

    Happy shredding!

    Fellowes Quality Assurance Team
    e-mail: [email protected]

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