Turn A 99 Cent Container Into A Car Drink Holder

The IKEA Bygel container is a small mountable storage unit designed to hold kitchen utensils. It can also be used as a makeshift drink holder if your car is too old and crappy to have an inbuilt version.

If your car is anything like mine, you’ll know the dread of ordering drinks at the drive-through. Even when a cardboard tray is available (which isn’t always the case), there’s a 50/50 chance that the drink will tip over at the first corner.

It sounds like a first world problem, but it has been known to cause everything from syrup-stained seats to horribly scorched genitals, depending on the chosen beverage and how you attempt to hold it. Thankfully, IKEA Hackers has come up with a dirt-cheap solution that will keep your breeches unbesmirched.

The Bygel container is a polypropylene plastic container that costs just 99 cents. Its lid will fit snugly into most car glove box doors without any modifications. You now have a cheap but effective drink holder to go with your crapmobile. As an added bonus, the Bygel range comes in a range of colours so you can match it with your car’s finish. Hurrah!

The only downside is that you wont be able to access your glove box while driving (but then, you probably shouldn’t be doing this anyway.)

[IKEA Hackers]

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