Turn An IKEA Lamp Into A Multi-Positional iPad Holder

Pair a $20 desk lamp with an iPad bracket, and you have a convenient way to read or watch something on the iPad hands-free. You might use this simple hack to watch movies in bed, swing the iPad in and out of the way when working at your desk, or hold the tablet in place while you use an exercise app.

We featured a similar DIY ereader/tablet boom before, with a note from the author that it might not work with the iPad. But this one apparently does!

iPoise [IKEA Hackers]


    Haha, that's actually kinda cool ^_^

    I use microphone stands with a mount in my home studio, same idea, but this could be good off the edge of surfaces, or even coffee tables.

    sweet i can become even more like the people in wall-e

    Would be awesome on the treadmill. Its harder than you think holding one of those and jogging. Think I'll go make one today.

    i bought one premade off chinese ebay for $20 lol

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