Use A Tag Cloud To Check What You Need To Change In Your Resume

You need your resume to catch the attention of a recruiter, but an over-the-top creative CV isn't the answer. Instead, keep it simple and make the words count. One way to ensure those words are making an impact is with a tag cloud generator like TagCrowd.

The app will hunt down the words you use often and highlight them in a tag cloud, showing you what jumps out at anyone who reads your portfolio, as , The Hired Guns notes:

Copy the text of your resume and paste it into TagCrowd's text box and hit "Visualise!" Do you like what you see? Are the most frequently used words the ones you want an employer to associate with you? If not, it's time to retool your resume.

Hit the link to read more on how to use the technique.

Make A Resume Tag Cloud And See What Recruiters See [The Hired Guns]


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