Steam Now Allows Users To Tag Games

Steam has added yet another sweet new feature to its beta client: Tags. While it sounds rudimentary, the new system allows users to add their own tags to games, which then fuels new sorting and even personalised recommendations.

Add An ‘X’ For Effective Tags In Evernote

Evernote is the favourite note-taking and organisation software for Lifehacker readers, and rightly so. If you use it right, it’s a beast. But one common problem is that after a while, your tags don’t help in searching for the right item, because they can also show up as regular words…

TagCrowd Creates Word Frequency Cloud

TagCrowd Creates Word Frequency Cloud

Whether you’d like to hunt down words you overuse or you’re looking to turn text from your manifesto into word art, TagCrowd can create a simple tag cloud based on the frequency of words.