Talk To Your Kids About Beauty, Before The Beauty Industry Does

One of the most important conversations you can have with your children — especially at an early age — is about the pressure of conforming to society's beauty standards. Because, as this video shows, they will be bombarded with it all too soon.

Although the video is specifically about ludicrous female beauty standards and talking to your daughters, boys can have image issues as well that affect their self-esteem. Since both men and women are guilty of contributing to (or debunking) these false ideals, it's a discussion the whole family can partake in.

Beauty Pressure [YouTube via DIY Photography]


    This is great. thanks for posting. reminded me of this article that my wife came across, also another good insight for parents :

    Kids? You mean every female everywhere!
    I'd like to hear from a guy who hasn't had a girlfriend that doesn't have image issues and judge themselves unrealistically.

      I definitely agree, but the point of this article is that you're given a small window of opportunity with children before they're exposed to society's beauty standards.

    Ha, I know someone who recently FB'd about having this discussion with her daughter. The irony is that the Mum posts bodyshot selfies all the time. She even changes her profile picture every few weeks to a bikini shot of her where you can't see her face! (boobs are spilling out though)

    I'm overweight which provides a communication challenge when talking to my 8yo daughter;
    She's beautiful, active and healthy and we tell her so but she's seen me being concerned about my weight and she's alternating between telling me that I'm not fat to worrying that she might be.

    We've found the best thing is to not use words like "Fat" and "Thin" but push "Healthy".

    There's so much pressure on parents to get things right, sometimes I wish the community and governing bodies would be just a little more nanny-like and reign in this stupid, incorrect and harmful form of advertising in which young people are convinced that if they're not identical to the ones being portrayed in advertising then there is something wrong - and "We'll sell you the product to fix you!"


    "Learning starts from home". It is important that you should teach and make your children capable to face any situations.
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