Prevent Drink Bottles From Fizzing Over With A Ninja Swipe

We've already tried and tested beer cans to figure out how to stop them from fizzing over when shaken, but what about large drink bottles? According to the King of Random (Grant Thompson), a ninja swipe is all you need.

This is a hard one to explain, so watch the video above to see it in action. Basically, you start with your middle finger(s) on the side of the cap and you jab forward quickly while maintaining pressure. If you don't stop until you get to your wrist, you'll cause the cap to rotate enough to fly off the bottle. This fast departure doesn't cause the drink to explode out, but releases a lot of vapour. As a result, you don't spill sticky liquid all over the place and have a really cool party trick.

Soda Bottle Blaster! [The King of Random]


    Those bastards with their bottles of root beer and dr pepper.

    pretty sure this was posted a month or two ago….cant find the link though

    Unfortunately I don't really ever have a problem with half filled bottles of soft drink fizzing over.

    Also shaking it up, making it lose it's fizz is kind of a dick move. Oh wow look at you, you got some attention but ruined the drink, well done arsehole!

    Cap hits someone in the eye ---> sued

      cap hits someone in the groin ---> funny

        Correction: cap hits someone ELSE in the groin ---> funny.

        Serves them right for lying on the ceiling.

          i know, its a stupid place to be lying anyway. everyone knows all the cool kids lie on the tables anyway.

    Making soft drinks flat? Yeah, that's one way to be popular at a party.

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