Mountain Manages External Volumes From Your Menubar

Mountain Manages External Volumes from Your Menu Bar

Mac: Unmounting devices in OS X isn't exactly hard, but it could be more intuitive. Mountain is a tool that gives you control over all your external volumes from the menubar.

Mountain sits quietly in your menubar until you need it. When you need to safely eject an external volume, just click Mountain, and you'll get the option to eject one or all of your mounted volumes.

It also has a few tricks up its sleeve, including the ability to quit any apps that are open, mount all drives that are connected on startup (and unmount on sleep), and blocking you drives from being disconnected and notifications for when it's safe to unplug.

Mountain ($1.99) [via Cult of Mac]


    Just a FYI.. CleanMyDrive does the same thing and is free. It also cleans up any of the .DStore files left behind on the drive as it un-mounts it.

    CleanMyDrive is made by MacPaw, who are the same people who make CleanMyMac =) Enjoy

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