McDiet Day 5: How To Make A Quarter Pounder Appetising

So Lifehacker readers voted for me to eat a Quarter Pounder for lunch yesterday as part of my all McDonald’s diet. The Quarter Pounder is, quite honestly, one of the duller items on the menu, so what was I going to do? The answer was to glam it up.

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Compared to many of the burgers I’ve been eating this week, the Quarter Pounder is comparatively salad-free. So the obvious thing to do was to purchase a separate garden salad and eat that as well. To make the meal more appealing, I also decided to plate it up.

This is a common piece of advice to anyone adjusting their diet, but it definitely helps. Grouped together on a plate, the whole meal does look rather more substantial than if you nibble at its component parts from cardboard and paper containers.

My lovely colleague Joy also accompanied me to McDonald’s to pick up her own lunch, so the whole experience felt distinctly more sociable. My only complaint? The tomatoes in the salad were a touch on the ripe side: if I wasn’t so keen to eat salad, I’d probably have thrown them out.

What I Ate: Day 5

Here’s the day 5 menu, complete with calorie count (calorie-free drinks not included).

Food Calories
Breakfast: Bacon & Egg McMuffin 297
Hash Brown 153
Small orange juice 135
Lunch: Quarter Pounder 546
Small Fries 255
Garden Salad 16
Italian dressing 12
Dinner: Crispy Crunchy Noodle Chicken Salad 366
Total 1669

Aside from the addition of the Quarter Pounder, this was very much the typical day: egg and bacon at breakfast, a burger at lunch, a salad at dinner. And once again I could have added another burger or a dessert and met my calorie limits, but I didn’t feel so inclined.

Random observations from the fourth day:

Don’t upsell me a hash brown At breakfast, I was offered an extra hash brown “for only $1”. The regular price is $1.95. Thanks, but no thanks. Quite aside from the excess calories, I know from personal experience what happens when you eat too many hash browns in a row.

All quiet down there I knew this would happen eventually, because it always does when I do a food challenge: someone asked me if I had suffered any, ahem, bowel issues as a result of my diet. The answer, happily, is no.

Two days to go!

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