McDiet Day 7: Endgame

McDiet Day 7: Endgame

I swear I didn’t plan it this way. It was only when I looked at my menu for Sunday, the final day in my week-long quest to see if I could lose weight on an all-McDonald’s diet, that I realised that the menu I had planned was almost identical to what I had eaten on the first day of the diet.

[related title=”The McDiet Challenge” tag=”mcdiet” items=”9″] The only difference was that on Monday, I had a side garden salad, and I skipped that today. I’ve had too many dodgy tomatoes in the salads over the last couple of days, so I just couldn’t see the point. (The salad makes virtually no difference to the calorie count anyway; it increases the number of vegetables I eat but not the variety, since I have the chicken salad for dinner and it includes all the vegetables in the basic garden salad plus others.)

This repetition shouldn’t be so surprising to me. Once you factor together the available options and the stuff I like, the daily routine is always going to be a version of muffin at breakfast, burger and fries at lunch and salad at dinner. There are wraps on offer, but I don’t like the bread on those. The desserts are, for the most part, way too high in calories, and I don’t have a much of a sweet tooth anyway. I’ve definitely craved different foods, but as diets go this certainly beats drinking nothing but juice.


What I Ate: Day 7

Here’s the day 7 menu, complete with calorie count (calorie-free drinks not included).

Food Calories
Breakfast: Bacon & Egg McMuffin 297
Hash Brown 153
Small orange juice 135
Lunch: Big Mac 493
Small Fries 255
Dinner: Noodle Grilled Chicken Salad 255
Total 1588

Head back to Lifehacker on Monday at 11:30 for my big concluding post. Did I lose weight? Would I do it again? What happens next? Does eating so many crunchy noodle chicken salads make you crazy? All will be revealed.


  • You forget to put in Lunch and Dinner (the table makes it look as though you had a massive breakfast)

    • He put them in, just above rather than in the table. So he had dinner for lunch, but dinner was invisible.

  • Can you please do seven days on Hungry Jacks now? Seeing the comparison between the two would be quite amazing.

    Which chain makes you lose more weight. Which has the tastier chips. Are the burgers really better? Deep philosophical questions that have plagued mankind for yonks. You are now on the cusp of being able to tell us!

  • Forget about the weight issue: how do you feel after a week of it and are you stooling normally?

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