Keep Your Mirror Fog-Free With A Bar Of Soap

Keep Your Mirror Fog-Free with a Bar of Soap

A foggy mirror is the price you pay for those nice, hot, steamy showers. Do you towel off a streaky hole just big enough to see your face? Banish the fog with a hairdryer? How about preventing the mirror from fogging up in the first place?

The folks at The Creek Line house have a great tip for preventing foggy mirrors, and all you need is a bar of soap. Just rub the dry bar of soap lightly over the surface of the mirror, then use a clean, preferably lint-free cloth to buff the mirror until you don't see soap marks anymore. The light layer of soap on the mirror should prevent fog from condensing. In fact, it will probably last through a few mirror cleanings, even if you use a glass cleaner.

For more details, hit up The Creak Line's post below.

How to keep your bathroom mirror fog-free! [The Creek Line House]


    Best legit lifehack I've read on this site in ages. Nice.

    You can do the same with swim goggles but it is better to use no more tears shampoo.

      Does the shampoo dry and leave a film? Or do you have to do it every time?

      Thinking about how to stop my safety goggles fogging up.

        Do it just after you have used them, that way they dry out and are ready to go next time.

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