Quickly De-Fog Your Bathroom Mirror With A Blow Dryer

Hot showers are great, but even with the fan on in the bathroom your window can get completely fogged up. Wiping the fog with a towel never works completely, and waiting is, well, waiting. So how can you solve this problem?

Instructables user Carleyy suggests turning to your blow dryer:

It’s frustrating to lose mirror access after a steamy shower! Dry that steam off with a quick blast of hot air from your hair dryer. Now you can just leave the blow dryer on and continue drying your hair 🙂

It’s a clever, simple solution to a common problem. Pretty neat!

Ed. note: This is one of those things my family has done since I was a child, and if you grew up in a similar household, it may seem like an obvious tip. But Dachis had never heard of it before, and it’s a can’t-go-wrong shortcut if you’ve never done it before.

13 Unusual Uses for a Hair Dryer [Instructables]

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