Why Business Analytics Solutions Require Constant Maintenance

Why Business Analytics Solutions Require Constant Maintenance

Even if you’re convinced your business analytics project doesn’t fall into the big data category, it won’t simply be a set-and-forget task. As Qliktech CEO Lars Bjork points out, any form of analytics requires frequent tweaking to ensure you’re including the right data sources and asking the right questions.

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“This is a living thing — you don’t build a solution or an application and deploy it once and never touch it,” Bjork, whose firm produces the QlikView business intelligence suite, told Lifehacker. “It’s not the morning paper; it’s not static. You will pull in new data sources.”

“People are beginning to realise it’s not ‘big data’ that’s a problem,” Bjork said. “It’s not a volume problem. It’s how you put all that diversified data into context for the user.”

Centralising the storage of reports and data is also vital, Bjork said. “You don’t want to leave everything to the individual because you’re then back at what the Excel problem is, with rogue spreadsheets everywhere. Infrastructure should be governed.”

That also applies to how those reports and analyses are used. “There is an enormous opportunity to improve compulsive collaboration. You’re not going to make decisions based on business in isolation; you want to seek input, but you need to make sure everyone has the same view of the data.”