Don’t Let Your Analytics Team Run Big Data

Don’t Let Your Analytics Team Run Big Data

Standard business analytics and big data projects both involve detailed data analysis, so it’s often tempting to treat them as variants of the same problem and assign the same staff to them. However, that might not always be a sensible strategy.

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At a session at Gartner Symposium 2013 on the Gold Coast, analyst Douglas Laney advised against taking that approach. “Consider walling off your data warehousing and business intelligence initiatives from doing things with big data,” he said.

The reason? BI typically involves repeatable measurements, while big data projects are often rolled out to solve a specific real-time business problem and require more experimentation. Despite the analytical similarities, the skill sets won’t necessarily match. “Big data is around challenges and opportunities,” Laney said.


  • you know, I really hate calling it big data.. It’s like naming a new building and calling it ‘big building’, the first building named by a 9 year old with a lack of vision. heh.

  • Who says BI is even analytics? It’s pretty pictures over Analytics at best. Big Data clearly is still misunderstood, and now it seems even the role & scope of an Analytics Team. Leave it to the pros in even a half decent analytics team who actually do Analytics (not Analysis) to sort Big Data out. Leave it to IT or God forbid a BI team to sort it out.

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