HP Launches New HP Vertica For Big Data Open Source Adoption

HP has ramped up efforts in the open source big data and analytics space, adding extensive support to open source technologies in the latest release of its HP Vertica analytics engine. Here's what you need to know.

The latest version of HP Vertica, dubbed Excavator, has been fleshed out to support more open source technology, including:

  • Native support for Apache Kafka open-source messaging system: This allows organisations to take in streams of data from various sources.
  • SQL on Hadoop native file support: This increases the performance of Vertia with Hadoop formats such as ORC and Parquet.
  • Open sourced HP Vertica Flex Zone Table Library: By opening up its "schema on-need" technology to the global developer community, HP hopes organsiations will be able to make the most of any form of semi-structured data they are generating.
  • Native integration with Apache Spark: While this is more just a commitment to do so, this future capabiulity will allow for faster data transfer between Vertica and Spark, meaning developers will be able to build their models in Spark and run them in Vertica for fast and complex analytics tasks.

Along with the Vertica announcement, HP has also launched a new HP Haven Startup Accelerator program which makes HP Big Data and Application Delivery Managemetn software offerings available to early-stage companies. This lowers the barrier to entry for budding companies looking to make use of analytics to create their business applications. You can find out more over at the program's dedicated website.


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