LIFTTT Adds Location To Your IFTTT Recipes

LIFTTT Adds Location To Your IFTTT Recipes

Android/iOS: If This Then That is one of our favourite web apps, but it does have one annoying omission: location-based triggers. LIFTTT is an app for Android and the iPhone that adds that, making it much easier to trigger actions on your phone based on where you are.

LIFTTT allows you to add location-data to any IFTTT recipe. For example, you could have it send you an email when you arrive at home or automatically turn off a Belkin Wemo when you leave your house. It does this by sending an email with the text necessary to trigger an IFTTT recipe. It’s a pretty simple concept that adds quite a bit of usefulness to IFTTT. You also have a lot of options to configure the triggers. That includes setting up specific times when things happen, the distance you have to go before triggers initiate, and actions on specific days.

That set of options is so extensive that it can detract a little from the simplicity that makes IFTTT great. Since it only works with email, that also means you have to set up a series of IFTTT recipes with email triggers in order to use it. Still, it gets the job done and it’s worth a look if you’ve always wanted location-based triggers in your IFTTT recipes.

LIFTTT (Free) [Google Play]

LIFTTT (Free) [iTunes App Store]