Check Out The Google Christmas Easter Egg

Check Out The Google Christmas Easter Egg

Yet another Google Easter Egg: this time, one that only works on Android and iOS devices. Search for the phrase “let’s go carolling” and you’ll be presented with a selection of five Christmas carols you can sing along to, complete with on-screen lyrics.

Google isn’t that fussed about spelling; you can skip the apostrophe in “let’s” and use the US spelling of “caroling” if you wish. Admittedly, ‘Up On The House Top’ is not a song most Aussies give a damn about, but that’s hardly embracing the festive spirit, is it?

[via Google Operating System]


  • Xmas carols both suck and blow!
    20+ years in retail putting up with xmas carols from late October pretty much sucks the joy out of xmas carols for me.

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