All Mozilla Wants For Christmas Is For You To Make A HTML5/WebGL Game

All Mozilla Wants For Christmas Is For You To Make A HTML5/WebGL Game

Christmas is usually a busy time, but if you think you’ll have a fair chunk of unproductive days to spare and think you’re a gun at making games in HTML5, you could try to put something together for Mozilla’s game dev competition. Don’t worry, prizes are involved and some decent ones at that.

A post on the official Mozilla blog outlines what’s involved, including categories, rules, the deadline and judges. I’d highly recommend you read it before getting started, as there are a couple of caveats.

Firstly, you can’t just make the game using whatever you want — it has to be built on Goo Technologies’ Goo Engine and its associated editing tool Goo Create. Why is this the case? Probably because it’s sponsoring the competition with Mozilla.

Secondly, your game has to be submitted by 7pm AEST on January 14, so if you think just over a month is not enough time, best to hang up your coding boots now!

Finally, you’ll need to pick from one of the following categories:

  • Best Amateur Interactive Game Scene
  • Best Desktop Game
  • Best Mobile Game

The prizes you’ll be up for depend on the category entered and range from $US1000 on cash, to paid-for trips to either the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco or GamesCom in Cologne.

As for the judges, they’ll be sourced from Angry Birds’ developer Rovio, Mozilla and unsurprisingly, Goo Technologies.

Obviously, given the short time frame, I don’t think anyone’s expecting BioShock Infinite. What it will promote is a more creative and efficient approach, so I’d be hoping for a few entires with procedural content — a good rogue-like would do just fine.

Unleash The Game Creator in You By Entering Our Holiday Gaming Competition [Mozilla, via Gigaom]


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