YouTube Overhauls Comments, Hopes They'll Be Less Horrible

YouTube's comment system is getting a big overhaul from today, integrating with Google+ to create conversations and better moderation.

The big overhaul is that you'll now see comments sorted by people you know. So, if one of your Google+ friends comments on a video, that will be pushed up to the top. Likewise, comments from the video's creator, popular personalities, and better conversations will be moved up to the top as well.

If you're a video's creator, you can also now moderate comments to get rid of the cruft that YouTube is so well known for. Finally, you can also make comments private so only you and your Google+ friends can see them. The new comments are rolling out to YouTube over the coming days; as with most things Google, you may have to wait a little

Turning comments into conversations that matter to you [YouTube Official Blog]


    But how will others know of the promiscuity of their own mothers if Google+ won't let me tell them?

    So now if I want to make a comment on YouTube, I have to be a member of Google+? Nah, not doing that crap, I have never been offensive or rude on YouTube so why the hell should I be forced to sign on to a social media site just because a number of others have done the wrong thing. Commenting on this site is about as social as I get online. Didn't join Farcebook, dumped Twitter after a few months, I'm not doing the social website thing again. Phuck Google+

      You've always needed a youtube account to post comments - and for at least a couple of years you've needed a google account. The google+ login is just your gmail account, so if you've ever posted a comment, and certainly if you've posted in the last two years, you still can. and if you haven't... then why do you care?

    Hmmmmm spanky,you've just somehow managed to comment using social media? Valid points nonetheless.

    Well that's useless... everyone knows friends don't let friends find their friends on google+

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