Swype Updates With More Keyboard Sizes, Continuous Dictation

Android: Swype, one of our favourite Android keyboards, has updated today with multiple keyboard layouts, a continuous dictation feature that types as you speak, and better language support.

Much like SwiftKey’s release today, the new version of Swype lets you choose from a few new keyboard sizes, including mini keyboards on the left and right for one-handed typing on large phones, landscape layouts for smaller phones, and layouts for QUERTZ and AZERTY.

The continuous dictation feature shows words as you speak, and lets you choose a separate language for dictation than is selected for your keyboard. You can also type in two different languages without manually changing the keyboard, which is nice. Hit the link to download the new version and check it out, or read more at the Swype Blog here.

Swype [Google Play via Nuance Community]


  • They’ve completely slaughtered multi-language support with the bilingual thing. I’m sure a small number of people will be somewhat happy about it, but the majority will find that it’s worse.

    Shame, since I definitely prefer Swype to Swiftkey for its gesture support. You simply haven’t experienced awesome typing on mobile until you’ve tried the Select all/Cut/Copy/Paste gesture shortcuts.

  • love swype. since i upgraded my S2 to Cyanogenmod 10.1.3 Swype has been so much more stable and with this new upgrade, it is even better. i love the ability to alter the long press delay, definitely improves the flow of typing.

    blackbird looks great except that you can’t see the secondary characters… lucky I’ve learnt them 😛

    one thing is for sure, once you start swyping, you will not be able to go back to tapping, on a phone at least.

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