Vote For Your Favourites In The 2014 Lifehacker Awards

We have heard your nominations and assembled shortlists for all 10 categories, so now it's time to vote in Lifehacker's Best Of 2014 Awards!

In this post, we've included the voting forms for all 10 categories. After you make your choice in a category, click 'Vote' and then you can continue to vote in other categories.

We'll also run an individual reminder post for each category during the week.

Best Smartphone

Best Takeaway Food Chain

Best Social Network

Best Domestic Airline

Best Cloud Computing Provider

Best Games Console

Best Media Player Software

Best Bank

Best Note-Taking Software

Best TV Show

Thanks for voting! We'll begin announcing the results from Monday 8 December.


    Hard to distinguish between what i am voting for as the *best* and what it is that i simply use as a matter of circumstance.....

      Particularly for best bank. I think my bank's alright, but would I vote them as best bank? Probably not, and I don't have much experience with the other banks in the list. For me, that question may as well be, who do you bank with? : )

        I bank with Westpac, but I voted for ANZ because I really liked their GayTM campaign.

    Weird. All I see are some headings. No choices.
    There should be choices shouldn't there?

    Oh hang on; you only wrote the page to be valid on Internet Explorer didn't you Angus? Those Linux boys are on their own, huh?

      Works fine in Chrome (on Windows). I noticed that the surveys weren't showing up at work - they must block whoever the survey provider is.

    Azure is not a "Cloud Computing Provider" - Microsoft is. Azure is the Microsoft offering :)

    Out of curiousity, how do you use the data you collect from this poll?

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