iOS 7 New Tab Page Makes Chrome’s New Tab Look Like An iPhone

Chrome: Say what you want about the new design in iOS 7, there’s no denying that the iPhone’s home screen is incredibly easy to browse and use. If you want a similar experience in Chrome, iOS 7 New Tab Page is a surprisingly accurate and useful implementation.

The fundamentals here are simple: make your new tab page in Chrome look like iOS. That alone is probably enough for some people, but iOS 7 New Tab Page allows you to customise the new tab page with lots of different apps and links. You can change the look, the background and the order, or you can delete things you don’t want. From there, you can navigate entirely with the keyboard, make custom links and plenty more.

It might seem kind of goofy or aesthetic at a glance, but it’s actually a pretty powerful new tab page.

iOS 7 New Tab Page [Chrome Web Store via Addictive Tips]

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