Dealhacker: Which Australian Retailer Will Get You A PlayStation 4 The Quickest?

Dealhacker: Which Australian Retailer Will Get You A PlayStation 4 The Quickest?

Last week, we compiled a list of the best Xbox One online deals to coincide with the console’s launch. (As expected, there weren’t many deals to go around.) Now it’s the PlayStation 4’s turn and demand is even higher. However, a few retailers are still promising delivery before the end of the year if you pre-order now. Here’s an overview of the online deals that are still accepting orders — and when you can expect to receive them.

Demand for the PlayStation 4 is truly massive — I couldn’t even secure a review unit for our office; the first time this has happened in nearly ten years of writing about video games. For consumers, the odds of scoring a unit at midnight tonight are equally tough. As Kotaku editor Mark Serrels explains: “If you didn’t pre-order a console before November of this year your chances of walking into a store in Australia and walking out with a brand new PlayStation are somewhere between zero and absolute zero.”

While your chances of nabbing a PS4 for Christmas are pretty slim, it’s still worth pre-ordering now to ensure you’re first in line when the next batch arrives in Australia. There’s quite a bit of variation between stores too, with some retailers promising delivery in late December and others plumping for January or February.

Below you’ll find the current pricing and availability from Australia’s major retailers, along with links to each deal. Bear in mind that you’ll need to take each retailer at its word when it comes to estimated delivery times — that said, it would be extremely silly for them to flat out lie so hopefully we can take these dates at face value.

Sony Store: $549

“Pre-orders for the first and second shipments are now closed. Order now to secure your place in the February, 2014 shipment.”

Big W: $598 (Killzone Bundle)

“New Shipment Available: Ships late December 2013. (Delivery times vary by location.)”

Dick Smith: $548

“Due late January 2014.” (Dick Smith will be selling consoles during tonight’s midnight launch, but the terms and conditions are pretty hard to swallow.)

JB Hi-Fi: $548

“Next shipment — Early 2014.”

Target: $548

The PlayStation 4 pre-order page has been removed from Target’s website. Apparently, some customers also had their existing pre-orders cancelled due to an allocation error.

EB Games: $549

EB Games’ online store lists an estimated delivery date of “3/12/2013“, although we strongly suspect this is an automated response that doesn’t take product availability into account.

Harvey Norman: $547

“Pre-Order NOW to reserve your place in the queue for 2014.”

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  • The EB one is definitely wrong. I had one on pre-order with them quite some time ago and was told early November that it wouldn’t be available until next year.

    • We too ordered in July and was told it would be in the second release and we would have it between 25/12 & 31/12/13.

  • I pre-ordered about 2 months ago at JB Hifi and I received an SMS today to let me know that I can pick one up today.

  • Costco Auburn had 6 consoles for sale this morning. Guys camped out from 11pm last night and were rewarded this morning with a ps4, no pre-order! They are not sure when they will get more in but they do not pre-order & they do not advertise. Best to keep an eye out, ask the employees frequently if they know when more stock is available and get there early next time they are in stock!!!

  • Wow! i was actually considering on waiting from 6-7am in the morning of release as they open at 10am…glad i didn’t
    one guy there did say that they expect to get another 20 or so consoles within the next month.

  • Just wanted to let those searching for playstation 4, that I ordered one from Big W on the 29/ 11 and received a phone call today to say that it was in for pick up…..Oh my god i’m so excited didn’t think I would get my son’s xmas present before xmas…..

  • I preordered a PS4 at JB HI FI on the 18/12/13 and it was for pick up yesterday on the 20/12/13 so JB HI FI is DEFINITLEY the quickest. By the way the store was the prahan store

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