CyanogenMod Removed From Google Play As It ‘Encourages Users To Void Their Warranty’

CyanogenMod Removed From Google Play As It ‘Encourages Users To Void Their Warranty’

Earlier this week, the makers of Android alternative CyanogenMod were asked by Google to remove CyanogenMod Installer from Google Play, otherwise the company would take it down itself. Despite Google admitting the program itself is “harmless”, it reportedly “encourages users to void their warranty”.

Navigating to CyanogenMod Installer on Google Play will toss up an error page, though a cached version still exists for the curious.

The news was announced via a November 27 post on the CyangenMod website. The post provides the aforementioned explanation from Google for the application’s removal and goes on to say that the team chose to “voluntarily” take the installer down, rather than have Google do it for them.

It’s stated that the creators are hopeful of “a more favorable resolution”, but does not go into details as to what avenues the team are pursuing. In the meantime, the app has been submitted to stores run by Samsung and Amazon, so it’s possible it will turn up in a convenient form elsewhere.

For now, it’s still possible for users to install CyanogenMod, it just involves a few extra steps, all of which are explained on the CyanogenMod website.

[CyanogenMod, via CNET]


    • The way I see it –
      Google couldn’t give a rats arse, it’s pressure from 3rd parties using android software,
      If 1 million Note 3 users install a dodgy nightly that bricks their phones, Samsung will be pointing the finger at Google for allowing them to install such risky software on their phone..

  • Fair enough, unfortunately. There are manufacturers who will void the warranty if you root and you only have to read the reviews on most apps to see that there are plenty of people out there stupid enough to do this without reading the description or researching what it is they’re doing. And they will raise Hell if they damage their phone and realize it’s not covered.

    If they remove compatibility with those manufacturers, it could work. It’d be a shame such a convenience has to go.

  • I believe this to be fair enough on Google’s part unless I am entirely wrong, but I believe manufacturers need to probably change their own policy in this area.

    i.e. if you screw it up that’s too bad, but we’ll still support the warranty if you managed to change the OS correctly or something.

  • I can understand the reasoning. Google itself doesn’t really care. But if a app voids a users manufacturer warranty then it’ll be problematic for a lot of users who MAY complain really loud when something happens. (and we know that 0.01% of the people affected will complain 100% louder than the rest of the internet and force google to add layer upon layer of warning messages later on)

    Anyways, the people who install Cyanogen, myself included should actually read about what they’re doing in more detail anyways.

  • Some Apps already alert you when you have CyanogenMod installed. For instance, the ANZ GoMoney App.

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