CyanogenMod Installer Guides You Through Installing CM On Your Phone

CyanognMod Installer Guides You Through Installing CM on Your Phone

Android: Today, CyanogenMod, the newly formed corporation behind the popular custom ROM of the same name, released an Android app that will guide you through the process of installing the ROM to your phone. You'll need a Windows PC to complete the process, but it's as simplified as you can get for installing a custom ROM. You don't even need root!

However, you will need to have a device on the supported list, which at the moment consists exclusively of Nexus devices, an assortment of Samsung phones and some HTC One variants. You can download the app from the Play Store below, but make sure you're at a Windows machine with a USB cable before you begin. And don't forget to back up your data!

CyanogenMod Installer [Google Play Store via Android Police]


    Well that's awesome. Was going to do it last week but forgot. This'll make it a piece of cake

    Doesn't work if you cannot turn on USB Debugging because your Settings app crashes every time.
    :-( stupid corrupted phone

      Samsung recovery mode: Volume Up + Home + Power
      Factory reset
      Problem solved

        And.... the install currently fails for Galaxy S2's

    Stupid HTC. I have one of the older One XL's so I'm assuming when it says "HTC One" it's not referring to my One series phone.

      It looks to be supported.

        Oh, excellent! Thanks!

        Edit: Just went to install and it's not compatible with my device :( Oh well, I'll wait.

        Last edited 15/11/13 11:57 am

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