What’s The Most You’ll Pay For A Mobile App?

What’s The Most You’ll Pay For A Mobile App?
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Mobile apps tend to be considerably cheaper than their desktop counterparts, even though many of them get used a lot more. Some of our favourites are even free. Whether you favour iOS or Android, we’re curious about your app spending limit.

What’s the most you’ve spent or will ever consider spending on a mobile app? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


  • I think i paid $18 for itap rdp, and my next most expensive was 1password. (I can’t remember the price.) Then pocketmoney ($7). It depends on the app, how good it is and how much I need it. But mostly I’m in the browser

  • I think an amount like $4.99 would be the maximum “magic price”. Beyond that, people might have to think about the purchase and wether or not it is worth the cost. My needs are simple, so I have paid for ‘Nova Launcher Prime’ ($4.00), ‘Wordgame’ ($3.55) and ‘Note Everything’ ($4.19). I’m also a cheapskate and keep an eye out for times when some good apps are on special or free.

  • If it’s something that has heavy algorithms/ calculations and requires accurate data and has also required lots of work by the developer I’ll pay around $20 (i.e AVPlan which is a VFR flight planner). If it’s something that gets lots of use like TweetBot again up to $5 – $10 depending on its quality.

    Basically quality = time + money; so the higher the quality or accuracy the more I’ll pay.

    Unlike all those people who want to rip off developers paying a buck or two max or waiting for it to go free, I’ll pay what the developer believes is enough for them to earn money provided it is a decent app that I will use and enjoy using.

  • I’ve paid $20 for one app (TouchDown) have about a dozen $10ish apps and countless apps in the $5 or less category.
    I’m quite happy to pay for the developer’s efforts and would rather have a phone free of advertisements. I’ll actually uninstall useful apps with ads if there isn’t a paid-for ad-free version.
    After first using FolderSync (Android App BTW) I was so impressed I went and purchased the full version to support the Dev even though I didn’t need the extra features at the time.
    The way I see it, most people will happily part with gold coins for a bottle of Coke or a Mars bar. I’d rather spend that same “loose change” on something useful.

  • Not much, depends on its usefulness. I won’t pay for mobile games at all, they are rubbish. Proper apps that I use daily? $5 – $10 for the good ones (I own maybe four or five like that) a couple of bucks for something handy.

    • Clearly you haven’t played that many mobile games. There are some really amazing games out and usually for only a dollar or two.

      I personally draw the line at Squaresoft’s prices though – approx. $15 for their Final Fantasy games is a little rich for a mobile app I reckon! Even if they are supposedly fantastic quality and value.

      • Clearly we disagree on what makes a quality game, that’s fine, each to their own. That’s what the casual/mobile games market is there for.

  • Depends completely on what it does. If I could find an app that would sync all of my things together so that if I’m out at dinner a few suburbs away from home, it can look at my meetings for the next morning and work out what time I need to wake up, and tell me when I should go to bed based on the amount of time I like to sleep, then work out public transport/walking distance and tell me when I should leave dinner… I’d pay $20 or so.
    To crush pieces of candy…? Maybe $2?

  • I spent $3.49 on a top-notch little game in 2011, was totally worth it … until the game got pulled from the store so that when the phone needed to be reset to factory it couldn’t be re-downloaded.

    Nowadays $2 is the most I’ll spend on something I don’t really need. Hypothetically, there could be an app that I MUST HAVE. I might spend $5 on that.

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