How Often Do You Need To Charge Your Smartphone?

How Often Do You Need To Charge Your Smartphone?

Batteries keep improving and operating systems keep getting better at managing their use — yet it seems rare to find a smartphone owner who isn’t cursing about their lack of battery by the end of the day. How often do you have to recharge?

We’ve talked about how often you should charge your batteries to get the best life out of your gadgets and how factors such as screen brightness affect battery life. But now we’re wondering:

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  • I charge mine if it nearly dead. But I always make sure it is (nearly) fully charged when I go for my runs, 3-4x a week. I guess that is how many times I charge 🙂

  • Unless I’m on my phone browsing the web for the whole day, I rarely have trouble with the battery on my HTC One. My iPhone 4 was similar (with the HTC being a bit better).

  • i only plug it in nightly because i have podcast apps that i have set up to require power and wifi before they will download new episodes… i plug it in nightly and wake up with new content 😀

  • Currently using a Samsung Galaxy S2. I get about 3 days between charges. I don’t use it as a replacement for a laptop. It’s primarily a phone (calls and text) – if it goes flat on me and I can’t be contacted, then it’s a totally useless device. GPS, Wireless and mobile data are turned off until needed (calendar sync, web browsing, reading email etc).

  • Mine gets a hiding at uni. I’m sure its terrible for overall life, but it gets plugged in every time I’m near a power point.

  • I’m a heavy user so when i have a newer phone is the less i have to charge. i also do a lot of the battery saving techniques for thing i don’t use.

  • I charge mine (Galaxy S3) every night. If I use certain apps during the day I might need to charge it through the day.

    My parents (with cheaper Android phones) charge theirs once every few days. But then they don’t use it nearly as much as I do.

  • I’ve got an iPhone 5 and I am pretty sure the battery starts to drain as soon as I even think about using it. Weekdays its not so bad (having access to my computer at work) but evenings, weekends and when I travel it gets a hiding. I have a knock off ‘mopie’-style juice pack (bought in SE Asia) that is pretty good for giving me a few more hours on the run.

  • If I’m playing music all morning/ been playing games on way to work my charge sits around 50% around 2-3pm and I’m slightly paranoid about getting stuck with a flat battery when I need it so I charge on PC in the arvo, and then again every night before bed.
    It was a pain having to invest in another $25 for a 2nd charger ( cheap knock off didn’t charge properly but Its worth knowing I have a charged phone.
    Kind of silly you need to be afraid of doing stuff on your phone because of battery power.

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 4G (i9305t) here, with a Qi charge receiver inside and use a Qi charge pad at work (have disabled the lights and speaker inside it). So it generally sits at 75-100% during the day, ready for bluetooth music and browsing whilst on the train home….

  • Nexus 4 – give it a full charge every few days and normally just give it a few short top-ups in between.

  • I use my iPhone 5 in a dock for music at work so it charges during the day so I don’t plug it in overnight. Whilst on holidays I charge every 2 days.

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