Google Maps Adds Real-Time NSW Bushfire Warnings For Searches

Google Maps Adds Real-Time NSW Bushfire Warnings For Searches
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Google has a long history of offering maps-based emergency data, the most recent example being a live replica of the RFS bushfire maps for NSW. The next step in that process: from today, Google will offer NSW live bushfire warnings as you search Google Maps, warning you of potential issues as you plan your travel.

Google will use its Public Alerts service to offer warnings when searches are made in areas in NSW where a bushfire warning is active. Android users may see alerts from Google Now if there is a bushfire where they are located or at a place where they have a scheduled appointment. It’s a service you hope you’ll never use, but it’s a very welcome addition.

Those bushfire alerts haven’t yet been added for other states, but the national Google Crisis Map shows all active emergency warnings across the country.


  • Another reason calling the vic government stupid is an insult to stupid people.

    The crown copyright restricting data from google so they cannot map numerous useful data points is insane (whether it be fires or public toilet locations), and dont get me started about public transport (although granted the lack of google map integration of PT may not be entirely their fault).

    Integrating this data into google maps is awesome, i dont know if it does or not but it would be amazing if it could provide a safest known route to get away from the fires as well (but that may be tricky/unreliable). Thankfully i’ve never been in a situation that would require anything like it.

  • Well, I just googled directions from Sydney to Lithgow and it suggested my best route was the Bells Line so something ain’t right.

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