Evernote Gets Two-Factor Authentication

Evernote Gets Two-Factor Authentication, Turn It On Now

In this age of password leaks and trivial account hacking, two-factor authentication isn't an extra or optional layer of protection — it's a necessary one. Today, all Evernote users — whether paid users or those with free accounts — can turn on this important security feature.

Back in March, after a security breach, Evernote announced it would roll out two-factor authentication. The problem is, when they did, it was only for Premium or Business users. The company is rolling out optional two-factor authentication today for all user accounts. To turn it on, head to the Security section of your account profile. You'll also be able to generate one-time codes in case you don't have access to your phone. (Two-factor authentication often, as in this case, sends a unique code to your mobile device for additional security if you try to log in from an unknown device.)

Learn more about this update at the link below.

Two-Step Verification Available to All Users [The Evernote Blog via The Next Web]


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