Reminder: Frozen Yoghurt Is Not A Health Food

For too many people, the word ‘yoghurt’ is an instant signifier for ‘health food’, despite the fact that what you add to the yoghurt can make a massive difference. A recent CHOICE study reminds us of this fact, suggesting that many major frozen yoghurt chains are making claims which potentially violate the Australian Consumer Law.

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CHOICE investigated five chains (Mooberrry, WowCow, Yogurtland, Yogurberry and Zwirl) and discovered a range of iffy claims and dubious practices. Yogurberry sold an underweight cup of yoghurt to CHOICE’s researcher and displayed information using imperial rather than metric measures.

Many stores couldn’t provide nutritional information, even though this is a requirement if specific claims are made about a foodstuff. Again, Yogurberry was a highly visible offender here, making claims about digestive improvements, lowering coronary risk and slowing the ageing process despite not having sourced research to back those claims.

“Froyo might be tasty but it’s not a health food and it’s unlikely to give consumers the outlandish health benefits claimed by some stores, like slowing the body’s ageing process,” CHOICE food policy advisor Angela McDougall said in a statement announcing the research. “If you enjoy froyo, it’s important to think of it as a naughty treat like you would icecream, rather than some healthy alternative with magical properties.”

Or to put it another way: YOLO, so froyo should be a no-go.


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