In Australia, It's Safest To Spell 'Yoghurt' With An 'H'

One of the most crucial factors with yoghurt is consistency — you want it to be rich and creamy. Unfortunately, consistency is not a hallmark of the English language, which is why there's a lot of confusion over whether yoghurt or yogurt is the accepted spelling.

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Long story short: yoghurt is the most widely-used spelling in Australia, and the safer choice. Yogurt has become increasingly common because it's the dominant spelling in the US, so we see endless references to "frozen yogurt" online and chains giving themselves names like Yogurtland.

The local industry itself doesn't help. The Australian Grand Dairy Awards has categories for 'Natural Yogurt' and 'Flavoured Yogurt', but every single finalist in both for the most recent awards uses the "yoghurt" spelling.

The Macquarie Dictionary lists yoghurt as the most widely-used spelling, and yogurt as an acceptable alternative. I'd personally favour yoghurt, but if you want to use yogurt, that's OK provided you use it consistently. Flopping from one spelling to the other helps no-one. Accuracy matters.

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    I'm wondering when was the last time you used that word in a sentence, other than this article?

      Got me thinking - cannot recall ever writing the word at all.

    Define the word "safest"... if i don't spell yoghurt with a "H" will someone throw a brick through my front window?

    What about donut vs doughnut?

      Donut to me looks like it should be pronounced "doo nut"

        It's spelt "donught".

    Why do we keep saying that Americanised bastardisations are "acceptable alternatives"? Surely this is what causes the confusion in the first place!

      Americanised bastardisation's aren't always incorrect,

    I do love a yoghurt parfait. So does the Long Eared Drifter.

    Also should be pronounced, "yog-hurt, not "yo-ghurt.

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