OPSM Eye Check Gives You A Basic Eye Test

You can score a free eye test every two years paid for by Medicare, but many of us don't bother. OPSM Eye Check is a free app that performs basic eye tests and gives you some indication of whether you should stop procrastinating and get a proper test.

The app tests for near distance, distance, constrast sensitivity, astigmatism and colour vision. To complete the full suite of tests, you'll need both a phone and a tablet; the distance vision test only works effectively on a larger screen. It's not a substitute for a proper eye test, but it's a fast way to check if there are issues you aren't aware of.

The app is a free download for iOS and Android.

OPSM Eye Check [iTunes]

OPSM Eye Check [Google Play]


    Ha, I took the test and got vastly different result on the phone as opposed to tablet and hooking up mobile via hdmi to tv also different. Not to mention thumbing with the damn phone to pass from one hand to other I had to re take since its gone passed to next screen. Ishihara test is affected as other will by your monitors colour setting, your gfx card driver etc... Then is the picture CMYK or RGB and what is the colour profile you have loaded. Good for fun only but not to be taken seriously.

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