Dropbox Has Problems If You Store More Than 300,000 Files

Dropbox Has Problems If You Store More Than 300,000 Files

For individuals running Dropbox, the biggest challenge is often working out how to maximise your free space. But business users who have paid for the service may experience a different issue: it seems Dropbox doesn’t cope so well if you have more than 300,000 files.

Dropbox user David Burrows describes the issue in a post for Medium. It’s revealed in an error page that shows up for users who have paid for extra storage and who but up against that limit:

While relatively few people are likely to store 300,000 files, it could potentially be an issue for developers storing a large number of versions (as it was for Burrows). Individual files might be small, but it seems it’s the number rather than the size that’s the issue. Something to bear in mind if you’re a heavy-duty Dropbox addict.

The coming Dropbox apocalypse [Medium via Business Insider]


    • I’m paying for Dropbox right now; seriously considering moving to Copy as soon as my subscription ends (mid-October.) For $99 PA, Dropbox gives you 100GB. For the same price Copy gives you 250GB. Providing the service quality, it’s a no-brainer.

  • I have a 55Gb dropbox and with unlimited quota internet thought it would be neat to have my ip cameras to ftp their captured images into my dropbox. 3 cameras putting thousands of files a day pretty much bogged it down so those directories were not accessible by dropbox app (either wifi or 4g). I can use the teamviewer app to get to them if I want, so perhaps dropbox just needs more grunt.

  • 300K is better than Google Drive. I have 200,000 files in Google Drive and have had to move to 3rd party software to manage it.

  • If anyone is looking for a cloud storage option that has more space than the basic Dropbox account, works seamlessly across all devices and has very easy to use interface, definitely check out Copy instead: https://copy.com/?r=s7nc0m
    Like so many others, I switched over to Copy from Dropbox bc Dropbox doesn’t provide a lot of storage space and you don’t get much bang for your buck. Copy will give you 15 GB free cloud storage to start with and an extra 5 GB when using the above link. I found the link online and it gave me an extra 5 GB but using the main site didn’t. Not sure what’s so special about the link but it worked for me 🙂

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